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    • What is Memobird?

      Memobird is a paper messenger & a portable thermal printer that sends paper messages & prints notes from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop on the basis of digital-on-demand printing. Along with the free Memobird app, you can send and receive ...
    • Where can I download the app?

      Before you download the app, you need to find out what Memobird version you have. To make Memobird works, the device version and the app version have to be matching. For instance, the Chinese app version device will not work if it is used together ...
    • Quick Start Guide

      Cloud Mode Step 1: Download the app & create a new account To download the latest app version called "Memobird" for Android and iOS, please scan the QR code below.      Or download it here Then, create a new Memobird account or sign in with your ...
    • How to refill a paper roll? What's paper size?

      The thermal paper width: 2 1/4 inches Please make sure you use thermal paper, NOT standard receipt paper roll. Memobird uses thermal printing technology. Instead of using ink, Memobird uses heat to print messages. Therefore, all you need to do is ...
    • How to find out if my Wi-Fi is 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz?

      Please be aware that: Memobird can only be connected to the 2.4Ghz band on Wi-Fi routers or access points (AP). During the Wi-Fi configuration, both your smartphone and your Memobird need to connect to the 2.4Ghz band. All Wi-Fi routers have a 2.4Ghz ...
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    • Print every new photo

      Good Afternoon, I was wondering if there is a way on an android phone to print a photo automatically when it is taken? IFTTT or API workaround etc?!  As i would like my elderly mum to have a quick simple photo when she takes a photo on her phone without
    • Connect to Memobird GT1 without using SDK

      I just realized that the bluetooth connectivity solution provided by Intretech involves using a SDK, which can run on either Anrdoid or iOS. However, I was planning to use it on a microcontroller, so the SDK method will not work. Through the RFConnect
    • API Acceess

      Hey there, I submitted a request a while ago or a developer account.  Is there a way to speed up the approval process? Thank you
    • API not working?

      I have recently received my API Access code, and I am trying to use any of the SDKs to print. I've confirmed that my ak is correct according to the email I received, and I've confirmed I'm using the right device id for my memobird. When I send print commands, they complete without error, and then nothing happens. Is there something wrong with the SDKs?
    • first time binding

      Hi!  I purchased a G2 from the website and on trying to set it up I couldn't get it to bind.  I followed the instructions on cloud printing (my wifi is 2.4g and properly sending and receiving data) but when I get to the screen where I put in my password it won't let me proceed.  When it displays the detected wi-fi network it displays a chinese character.  I downloaded the app through the official google play store so I'm not sure what else may be the cause.   Any help would be appreciated.
    • not connecting to cloud server AGAIN!

      Again, the printer is not connecting to cloud server as of September 1, 2020. Without cloud connection all the settings features, like printing intensity on all other settings, do not work because they require cloud connection. So even when I switch to local mode, I can't control anything, which makes it useless without cloud connection. Why do I have to depend on your server to control settings on the printer I purchased? If your could server is not working, again and again, it makes it useless
    • is your Cloud Server down? printer stopped connecting to cloud

      is your Cloud Server down as if August 17, 2020 ? printer stopped connecting to cloud, restated may times, did fresh binding, everything works except connecting to your cloud server.
    • Memobird G3 hangs while printing (Sending Icon in the app)

      When I print with my G3, it gets stuck in the Sending Icon even if i've already paired it with my phone before and used it already a couple of times. I just noticed it this year. I can't even pair it again. Help please. I can't even press the power button twice because it shuts down. I want to try pairing it again but it won't let me. :(
    • API access, or is there another method of printing from linux command-line

      Hi All, I bought a memobird printer, hoping to use it with IFTTT to do some automated printing.  Unfortunately, it's not possible with IFTTT anymore. So I think the API would work just fine, as I could accomplish the same thing using a python program that I could write. However, I have no idea how to get API access.  I've send a couple of messages already to the e-mail address, requesting access.  But haven't heard back.  How long does it usually take? A second approach for
    • In the US here, I can't seem to find and app anywhere!

      Sooo if I scan the QR on the Start card, it takes me to a site that then opens up google play store in which googles tells me Item not found.. If I scan the QR on a printout it takes me to a Chinese site and tells me to download it, and anytime I do it does nothing, like nothing at all was downloaded...
    • Switch to English

      For 2 weeks now, I've been emailing 'support' to switch to English.  Is there a straightforward way to do this - QUICKLY?
    • wifi

      My memobird says that it's connected to my wifi but it won't print from the app which says it sent to the printer. I haven't heard from anyone in customer service and want to send it back. Any suggestions?
    • Company-Provided Coding Example using Memobird API

      Fenny Ang, Would it be possible to provide an example of how to use a simple programming language to control the Memobird using the API? This sounds like a good idea for a Memobird blog post. Memobird API:
    • print quality

      1. How to add or change system font? System font is the only one that prints small letters in very good quality. Is there a way to add or replace system font? 2. How to add custom shapes to the pre made shapes in template store?
    • What happened to IFTTT support??

      I bought the Memobird so that I could email text which would then appear on the printer. It worked great. Now what are the alternatives??
    • laptop

      wonderng if anyone has gotten their memobird to print from their laptop
    • Unable To Download APP

      When I try to download the app from the Google Play store I receive a error message that says" Your Device Isn't Compatible With This Version". Where I can download another version of the app?
    • shutting off memobird

      I received my North American version of the memobird yesterday. All went fine with the set up however I'm not finding any information about shutting the unit off. Will I need to reenter my wifi password if I turn the unit off and then turn it back on or will it remember the password? 
    • North american Memobird for Europe

      Hello, I live in Europe and i would like to buy the memobird. Is it possible to use this printer in the EU? greets, Kate
    • Bluetooth printer

      Won't it be more awsoawsome if the printer feature have a Bluetooth in addition to the wifi. So one can pair and use other apps.
    • Red paper

      hi,  We urgently need 10 rolls of red paper memobird in the UK for early next week. Does anyone know of any uk stockists or want to sell to me??
    • Color

      this cannot print in color,correct?!
    • Memobird Zendesk Support Portal - Discontinued?

      Fenny Ang, May I ask why users registered with Memobird's Zendesk Support Portal were not notified of the shutdown of that portal? I would have liked to have saved my content posted there in advance. If that support portal is archived, I would like to know of its existence so I may retrieve my content. Please advise.
    • "Web Version" of Memobird App Option

      Fenny Ang, Today, I noticed a "Web Version" among the Memobird App Options. Is this app functional? When I clicked on the link, the URL never brought up anything. Please advise.
    • How to send the base64 data from my customized App?

      Hi  I have projects on direct printing the QR code which generate from my web application and I need to transfer this data to the printer Directly within local area network not from the cloud.  Does the Memobird printer itself accept the Restful API call ?
    • Problem

      Hey I'm Trying to scan My QR Code and Just Saying Invalid device how can I get Round it
    • Shortcut to Print A4 Size PDF File with Memobird Printer

      Memobird is one of the most versatile printers that enable you to print almost anything with a few simple taps on your smartphone. When you surf the internet to find pictures, or perhaps, free printable to brush up your calligraphy writing, you may download the PDF version of the free printable. Then, how can you print the A4 size PDF file to small Memobird printer?  ​ Check out this article to see the fastest way to print A4 size PDF file to produce high-quality printing with Memobird printer.