How to turn on/off Memobird's buzzer?

How to turn on/off Memobird's buzzer?

Open your device setting at My Memobird, then tap Your device



Turn off/on the Buzzer switch


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      When your Memobird is blinking green light that indicates that your Memobird is not connected to your Wi-Fi network. To make your Memobird online you need to re-configure the setup to restart the connection of your Memobird. Follow the following ...
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      1. Open Memobird device setup   2. Tap your Memobird device       3. Tap Release device    
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      Press 1 time: To confirm that you have received an important message Press 2 times: To print a QR code for adding the device / print a diagnostic report Press and hold for 6 seconds: To enter/leave Wi-Fi configuration mode so that you can set up your ...
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      Memobird has 203 dpi. If you want a darker/sharper print, you can change Memobird print density from the app. Here's how to do that