How to write/print notes in Cloud printing mode?

How to write/print notes in Cloud printing mode?

In Cloud Mode, Memobird is connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi network. So, you’ll be able to print & send notes with Memobird from any devices, anywhere you are as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

1. Make sure you have finished the first installation in Quick Start Guide for Cloud Mode

2. Open the Memobird app, tap Create a new note


3. Compose the notes

Insert Text



You can adjust the text size, text style, and text alignment



Or change the text fonts



Insert Image



Take a photo or choose from your gallery



After you've got the picture, you can edit the picture by adding a filter, cropping the picture, adding doodles, or rotating the picture.



There are various filters you can choose to enhance the printing quality



You can also adjust the thickness of your doodles. Once you're done, tap Save



After that, you can Print the picture, or tap Insert if you want to combine it with other contents, such as text, stickers, etc.



If you tap Insert, now you can position and resize your pictures with a simple drag and also add other contents



Insert Sticker



Choose from various stickers to make your messages more fun!



Once you choose one, you can position and resize your stickers with a simple drag



Insert Text Box




Write the text by double-tap the callout



Insert Doodles



Insert QR Code


To read the QR code message, use Memobird app QR scanner.


Insert Voice Messages



You can either record or write your voice note


To listen to the voice note, use Memobird app QR scanner.


Insert Web contents



Insert Drafts



Choose the drafts you want to edit, print, or send



Once you're done with your content, tap Preview, then tap Print.



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