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            How to differentiate Memobird G2 Chinese version and Memobird G2 North American version


            Memobird G2

            North American Ver.

            Memobird G2

            Chinese Ver.

            Official seller Knectek Labs., Inc. Intretech, Inc.
            App name Memobird (available worldwide, except China) 咕咕机 (available in China only)

            With an FCC logo, without CCC logo


            With a CCC logo


            Warranty period 1 year 1 year
            Warranty coverage area USA, Canada China
            Official website
            Customer support (in English) (in English)


            *The device version and the app version have to be matching. For instance, the Chinese version device will not work if it is used together with the North American app version, and vice versa.



            If you want to buy the North America version from us, here's where to buy from us.



            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 05:29 PM
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