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            How to get a better printing quality?

            If you don't get good printing quality, there are several ways you can do to enhance the printing quality.

            STEP 1: Try to change the paper roll. 

            There is a possibility that the poor printing quality is caused by the paper roll. After you change the paper roll and if there is no difference in the printing quality, then move to step 2.

            STEP 2: Wipe the printing head to clean it. 

            Use a clean cloth to clean the printing head. The area to be wiped is red marked on the picture below.

            After you've cleaned it and you are still not satisfied with the printing quality, move to step 3.

            STEP 3: Enhance the print density. 

            On Memobird app you can increase the print density. Here's how to do that.

            If you still don't get good printing quality, please contact our support team at and provide the following information:

            1. The photo of the poorly printed note

            2. What you have done to get a better printing quality

            Our support team will help you to fix this issue or assist you to get a replacement.


            Updated: 10 Apr 2019 01:58 PM
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