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            How to print from Windows computer or laptop?

            Before you can print from your computer/laptop, make sure that you have completed the setup and your Memobird is connected to your Wi-Fi network(the light is solid green). There are 2 printing ways you can choose from.

            OPTION 1: With Memobird Web Version

            1. Open this link and then tap Web Version

            2. Sign in to your account. 
            Make sure you sign in with your user account that is bounded to your Memobird.

            If you forgot your password, please reset it from the Memobird app on your phone.

            3. Select your Memobird. 

            If you don't see any Memobird device, try to sign in again with your other user account that is bounded to your Memobird.

            4. Compose the note. 
            For now, you can only print text and one image per note. 

            If you want to customize the header and footer, please do it from Memobird app on your phone.

            5. Tap Print icon. 

            If it's success, you'll see a text "Sent successfully" and the note is printed out.

            OPTION 2: With Memobird Windows App

            Memobird Windows App has more options on composing your note, including resizing your text, add check list, and more!
             1. Open then tap Windows



            2. After you download the Windows app, complete the installation, and sign in to your Memobird account.


            3. Open Memobird Windows app



            4. Insert the contents to print

            Resize text


            Insert pictures


            Capture screenshots




            Add checklist


            Add recipes

            Insert_Recipe.png  Insert_Recipe2.png


            5. Tap Print icon


            Updated: 12 Mar 2019 06:10 PM
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