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            Memobird Device Introduction

            What you'll get

            1 Memobird Device

            1 Power Adaptor

            1 Roll of Thermal Paper (inside Memobird device)

            1 Quick Installation Guide

            1 User Manual & Warranty Sheet



            Device introduction


            Memobird Light Button

            To add a device: press 2 times, then a QR code for adding the device will be printed out

            To enter/cancel Wi-Fi configuration: press and hold for 6 seconds or more until a note is printed out

            To print a diagnostic report: press 2 times, then the diagnostic report will be printed out


            Light color indication

            Solid green: Memobird is online(Cloud printing mode) and ready to be used

            Slow-flashing green: Wi-Fi configuration mode

            Fast-flashing green: Printing a note / connecting to a network

            Blue: Memobird is in Local printing mode

            Red: Out of paper / the printing head is overheated

            Off: Power off / the light is turned off from Memobird App setting




            Memobird Toggle Switch

            The switch on the bottom of Memobird is used to switch between Cloud Mode and Local Mode print mode. In Cloud Mode, you will be able to see the cloud icon. Cloud Mode requires Wi-Fi and the internet to print. Local Mode doesn’t require Wi-Fi or the internet to print. 

            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 05:37 PM
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