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            Share your Memobird to your family & friends

            Your family & friends can use one same Memobird with this simple way. No need to unbound the device, then bound it to someone else whenever other people want to send and print with Memobird. To make it easier to understand, let me use an example. Let's say your mom is living far away from you, and you & your family members want to send notes to her.


            1. 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network at your mom's place
            2. Memobird G2 North American version
            3. Memobird app installed on your phone and your family's phone


            To make Memobird receives notes without any phone nearby, your Memobird needs to be successfully connected to your mom's Wi-Fi network. Here's how.

            Since Memobird device can only be bound to one Memobird account, decide whose account to be bounded to the device. For instance, let's say that you bind Memobird to your account.

            Once the setup is completed it's alright if you leave and being disconnected from your mom's Wi-Fi network because your Memobird is already online and connected to your mom's Wi-Fi network. Your mom just needs to make sure that the device keeps being powered on. 

            Since your Memobird is bound to your Memobird account, if you want to send notes to your mom(no matter where you are), you just need to create a new note and print it

            STEP 2. Ask your family to download Memobird app and create a Memobird account

            STEP 3. Find your Memobird ID, then share it with your family and ask them to add you as a friend

            STEP 4. Accept your family's friend requests

            STEP 5.
            Let your family send notes

            If your family wants to send a note to your mom's Memobird, they need to tap your name as the recipient of the note because your user account is bounded to the device.

            Updated: 03 Jul 2019 06:27 PM
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